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Financial Planning

Having a well thought out financial plan is an important aspect of having a successful international engagement experience. The information below is given to help participants gain a clear picture of the financial commitment for their abroad program. Any questions regarding financial aid eligibility and availability should be directed to the Financial Aid Office.

Program Budget
Each USC Upstate program has an estimated budget which can be found under the Financial tab on the program brochure page. Each program's estimated budget is unique and should be reviewed by the participant before paying their deposit. The estimated budget for semester and year abroad programs includes tuition costs and an estimated amount needed for living expenses (housing, food, travel, etc.). For faculty-led programs, a program fee can be found under the Financial tab on the program's brochure page along with what is included with that program fee.

Budgets for University-approved provider programs can be found either on their brochure page or by visiting the provider's website. Students who wish to take part in a provider program are encouraged to research not only the program fee but all other expenses associated with the program. This information will be submitted to the Financial Aid Office as part of your application.

Additional Expenditures
Expenditures which are not part of the academic program are not reflected in the program budget. This may include personal travel, entertainment, shopping, etc. Participants should plan to bring the additional funds needed for their personal expenses outside of their academic program. 

Financial Aid
It is a student's responsibility to meet with the Financial Aid Office to determine if their aid will be eligible to be used as part of their international engagement. In most cases, financial aid can be used to take part in a University-approved international engagement program. The disbursement of financial aid may not come before costs associated with the international engagement are due. Participants are responsible for paying their fees or other associated costs (airfare, immunizations, passport, housing deposit, etc.) on-time regardless if their financial aid has been released. 

Scholarships and Grants
Scholarships and grants for international engagement are readily available through the University, community, regional and national competitions. For more information, please visit our Scholarships and Grants page. Participants are encouraged to check the application deadline for each scholarship or grant they plan to apply for. Deadlines are usually months in advance of the program start date.