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Grants & Scholarships

International engagement, which includes a variety of types of experience from studying abroad to service-learning or doing research abroad, is accessible and affordable for everyone who wants to take advantage of such important and transformational educational experiences.
The Center for International Studies offers the Travel Award scholarship to international engagement participants. The scholarship can be applied for as part of the participant's pre-decision application for their selected international program. The deadline for the Travel Award will be the same as their international engagement application deadline.

Applicants are also encouraged to also explore the plethora of resources listed below.
Grants and Scholarships Financial Aid
Students may also be able to use federal financial aid to fund their study abroad. The U.S. Department of Education provides further information about federal financial aid that can fund study abroad.
Veterans Benefits
Beneficiaries of the GI Bill may also be able to use funding from VA. The following links will provide helpful information regarding questions to explore with your VA benefits coordinator(s).
Post 911 VA Factsheet for Study Abroad
International Educator: Helping Military Veterans Study Abroad 

Funding for U.S. Scholars and Teachers
U.S. Government supports study and research abroad for individuals and institutions. Visit the links below to find specific program information.